Server Screenshots

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Server Main Screen

This is the main server screen which comes on logging in as an administrator or a manager. It includes a User Status panel, a Remote Control panel, a Utilities Panel and a Notes Panel. All the cafe cop server features are accessible through this main screen.

Member Activities Panel

This options lets you create new members (pre paid account) with different schemes, including personal information related to the members if you wish to maintain the same. The same option can be used to edit or delete a member (pre paid account). A similar option is present to renew a expired membership account.

Rates Definition Panel

This options lets you define your own surfing charges for your post paid (guest) users. You can create three different charging slots for different machines or different service that you offer. This charge or slot type can be changed in real time using the slot remote command from the main sreen.

Schemes Creation Panel

Schemes definition option enables you to maintain unlimited number of membership schemes. New memberships & renewals to expired membership accounts can than be done using the predefined schemes. You can customise each and every aspect of a membership like scheme name, total time , days of validity, minimum time &total amount.

Item addition Menu

This option is to maintain a list of all the items being offered or sold by you along with their price. You can additionally include items into their respective categories viz. snacks, cold drinks, accessories or others. This items are available for ordering from all the clients.

Manager Rights Menu

Manager rights menu provides you complete control over the kind of access your manager has to cafe cop server. You can disable various features or options of cafe cop server as you may require.

Password modification

Password modification option can used to to change the administrator, manager or guest (pre paid) user account passwords. A administrator or a manager can change his account password from his/her respective login only.

Guest Record Deletion Module

This option can be used to delete all the old guest (pre paid) member account records from the database. You have an option to select the dates for which you wish to delete records.

Computer Logs Deletion Module

This option can be used to delete all computer logs related to guest & members (pre & post paid users). You have an option to select the dates for which you wish to delete records.


Configuration option can be used to set or add your own currency. Additionally you can enter your personal information which will automatically show up in all your printed bills through cafe cop.

Custom Reports

Custom reporting option can be used to generate, view, save or print reports related to guest and members (pre & post paid users). Reports for a selected member, all members, new members created over a period of time can also be generated. Full version users also get an option to get all this reports emailed automatically to any specified email address.

Computer Logs

Machine wise reports for guests or members (pre & post paid users) can be generated using this option.

Printer Logs

Printer logs option provides reports to the local printer being tracked by cafe cop server. All print jobs from the cafe cop server pc are automatically tracked and recorded.

Database Utility

Database utility allows you to take backup of cafe cop database as and when required.