Client Screenshots

Timer Programs

This option enables you to add links to all your favourite programs directly accessible from the client timer itself. The added restriction option allows you to control the applications. Only the programs added to the list will run, blocking all other exe’s, installers, background exe’s, worms etc.

Initial Screen Settings

This options helps you customise the initial screen of Cafe Cop client. You can choose your own images, your own promotional text, your own colors etc. Good for creating a branding for your cyber cafe.

Website or Keyword blocking

This options is for content filtering on your computers. You can block URL’s on the basis of complete website name or just keywords. This option works only in the timer or the user mode and not in the administrator or the manager mode.

Dialer or active X component blocker

Dialer or active X component blocker option is an extension to the website blocking option. Incase you wish to allow users to open a particular website but wish to disable the automatic installations that happen from that specific website, just add all such websites here. Useful for blocking porn website dialers and other active X components which slow down your PC.

Timer Launch Menu

Client timer launch menu launches immediately after a user (post or pre paid) logs into cafe cop client with his account. All the program links added by the administrator in the timer programs menu can be launched from here. Provides an easier access to all frequently used applications on your PC.

Timer Alarm

Client timer alarm menu can be used by the user to set an alarm in case he/she wish to be informed at various time intervals pre selected through the secured login option of Cafe Cop server.

Timer Settings

Client timer settings option can be used to keep cafe cop timer on top of all other applications. It can also be used to disable the graphics portion of any web page. Please note that this option always work on a new browser windows being launched after enabling it. Also at the moment, it works only with IE.

Timer Order placement & Help Menu

Client timer orders & help menu can be used by a user to place an order for all the items being sold by you, that you have added in the items inventory module present in the cafe cop server. All such orders are added to users bill if accepted by the administrator on the server. It additionally provides an remote option for a user to call for help from the administrator from the client PC itself.

Member Logon Screen

This screen pops up on every member (pre paid user) login. It displays all information related to the members (pre paid users) account and can be used by the member to change the account password as well.

Client local settings

Client local settings option provides you complete control over the local settings of cafe cop client. You can block manager login, block other client features on manager login, hide total time & amount in the timer, set a local admin password, enable option to automatically clear cache on browser close etc.

System Security Features

System security options provide you with a complete set of system security checks, windows tweaks and customisation option to block various system areas which you wish to hide from public access. Over 50 system security options provide you with a complete control over system.

Order placement menu for users

Place your order menu can be launched from within the cafe cop timer menu by any user (pre or post paid) at any point of time. User can select what items he/she wish to order from the menu, can select the quantity and place the order. All the order thus placed show up on the cafe cop server screen, and are added to the users bill automatically if accepted at the server by the administrator or the manager.