Setup & Installation

System Requirements

For Cafe Cop to get up and running you are not required to install or include any other hardware. Your present network setup under most circumstances will be just fine for Cafe Cop to get going. Cafe Cop utilizes minimum system to ensure that your terminals are not over burdened. Cafe Cop installation (both server and client) is a very simple process and you are not required to anything while installation.

  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
  • Your current working LAN with TCP/IP installed
  • Intel Pentium 133 Mhz. and above with minimum 32 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Data Access components 2.5 or higher (MDAC) Click here to download.


  • Installation Guide. (DOC Format)
  • Installation Guide. (PDF Format)
  • Help file

To get a fully functional demo version of Cafe Cop, click here. The trial version allows you to use and explore all the features of Cafe Cop Standard, but the Cafe Cop server will run 30 times and after that you will be required to purchase a license for Cafe Cop to continue using the same. Please click here to purchase Cafe Cop.

For additional information or details on a particular feature, fill our feedback form to get all your queries sorted out. Our support team will keen to respond to all your queries, and furnish any additional information if requested.
After downloading (trial version), unzip all the files into a folder.

Please note that on Windows 95 & windows 98 first edition you need to install MDAC 2.5 or later before you can install Café Cop. MDAC can be downloaded from the microsoft site at the following location :

Server Installation

After unzipping file open the unzipped folder and than open the server folder present in it. Click on the setup.exe file to begin the installation. You will be required to press the next button to proceed with the installation. When the Cafe Cop server installation has finished.
Once everything is done you can launch Cafe Cop server from its desktop icon or from the program menu.
Start Menu>Programs>Cafe Cop>Server

Cafe Cop Server starts minimized and shows a login dialog on maximising. Use the default administrator or manager account login and password to login into cafe cop server. Now since Cafe Cop Server is on, you can install and run Cafe Cop Client on all your computer.

Client Installation

Click on the client installation link on the menu to begin Café Cop Client installation. Press next button to proceed with the installation, you can change the default location of the client installation if you wish. Press finish to complete the Client installation. Click on the desktop icon to launch Cafe Cop client application. When client application starts for the first time, you will have to type the name of Cafe Cop server system. This network name can be seen from the network neighborhood icon. Once the server. If name is entered correctly Cafe Cop client will launch and you will Face the Login Screen.

Use the default post paid user id “guest” & password “gut” to access the client machine and start the cafe cop timer. To log in as an member (prepaid user) you will have to create an account first from the administrator control panel on the server.

Congrats, Cafe Cop is on at your Cyber Cafe. TO set or change system settings on the client terminals, login in with the administrator login and password to access the client side control panel.

Enjoy the power of Café Cop :)

Shutting Cafe Cop

Shutting Cafe Cop Client

There is no way a user can close Cafe Cop timer from the client end. If the administrator wishes, he/she can remotely shut down the terminal or reboot it if required. But on every start up Cafe Cop client will automatically start. In case a administrator wants to locally close the Cafe Cop client application, he can do so by entering the administrator mode or the manager mode from the client end itself.

Shutting Cafe Cop Server

Cafe Cop server ensures that no unauthorized user can close Cafe Cop Server. In order to stop Cafe Cop Server, click on its icon present in the system tray. You will be required to enter the administrative password to access Cafe Cop Server. Once the correct password is entered you can press shutdown Cafe Cop Server to close the application safely. Please make sure all the client terminals are off before you do so

Please Note the default login accounts for Café Cop are as follows :

Default Administrator account

Username : administrator
Password : admin

Default Manager account

Username : manager
Password : mgr

Default User account

Username : guest
Password : gut