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Time Management

Cafe Cop completely automates time management job in the Cyber Cafe. It shows the login time, total time along with the charges on both the client and administrator screen. Thus it reduces all human labor required in doing the same manually. It is very efficient and makes the whole system transparent, leaving no possibilities for mistakes to occur.



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Member Management

Cafe Cop empowers the Cyber Cafe owner to run numerous membership schemes. Cafe Cop’s unique member management panel enables cyber cafe administrator to customize each and every aspect of the membership like :

  • Maintaining complete profile of the member.
  • Number of hours to be allotted.
  • Time period for which the account has to be allotted.
  • Amount to be charged for the membership.
  • Credits if any.
  • Any special comments to be added for the member.
  • Minimum login time for different membership schemes
  • Different time slots in which the schemes will work.
  • Allowing multiple logins for a single account.
  • Ability to define minimum time usage for accounts.

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System Security

The administrator can control all the terminals at the Cyber Cafe. He can disable / hide various system functions to ensure system security & better system performance. Following security options are available in the Cafe Cop Administrative control panel :

Start Menu Security

  • Removing Shut Down Option
  • Removing Log Off Option
  • Removing Run Menu
  • Removing Find Menu
  • Removing Favorites Menu
Settings Menu Security

  • Remove control panel option
  • Removing Folder Options
  • Removing Windows Update Option
  • Remove Active Desktop Option
System Properties Page

  • Remove Hardware Profile Page
  • Remove Virtual Memory Page
  • Remove Device Manager Page
Display Properties Page

  • Hiding Appearance Page
  • Hiding Background Page
  • Hide Screen Saver Page
  • Hide Settings Page
Network Security Features

  • Hide Network Identification Page
  • Hide Network Access Control Page
  • Hide Network File And And Printer Sharing
  • Remove Content From Network Neighborhood
Miscellaneous Security Features

  • Disable Registry Tools
  • Disable DOS Prompt
  • Hide Desktop Icons
  • Disable Desktop Context Menu
  • Disable Taskbar Context Menu
  • Disable Start Button Context Menu
  • Remove My Documents From Documents Menu
  • Lock Physical Drives Of The Machine.

All this functions can be applied individually or together or can be left as it is, as desired by the administrator.

Please Note: these changes are not permanent and the original setup can always be restored at any point of time.

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Internet Explorer Security

Ok, so you have had hard time reconfiguring Internet Explorer, since users have made changes to the same. No more painful reconfiguration now. With Cafe Cop you can block resources from being accesses by the users. You can even specify a default download directory so that all the downloads automatically get saved in the prescribed folder. This will prevent any junk data being saved in system folders & is handy if you want to delete all content downloaded by the users.


Internet Options Security

  • Remove General Tab
  • Remove Security Tab
  • Remove Content Tab
  • Remove Connection Tab
  • Remove Programs Tab
  • Remove Advanced Tab
File Menu Security

  • Disable New
  • Disable Save As
  • Disable Open
General Security

  • Disable Favorites
  • Disable Help Menu
  • Remove Option To Change or Hide Toolbars
  • Disable Right Click Context Menu
  • Disabling Downloads.


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Analyzing Business Performance

Café Cop gives the café owner the ability to evaluate his business performance over a period of time. It generates detailed reports providing the following information.

  • Total number of visitors
  • Total number of Members.
  • Cash generated from non member s
  • Cash generated from Members
  • Daily, Monthly And Custom Cash Report
  • Member Usage Report
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Remote Commands

With Cafe Cop things just get better and better. Cyber Cafe Owner can remotely perform the following actions from the administrator control panel on any of the client terminal :

  • Sending messages to client terminals.
  • Locking / unlocking terminals.
  • Logging in non-members.
  • Log any user out of Cafe Cop.
  • Shut down terminal
  • Reboot terminal
  • Shifting sessions from one terminal to another
  • Continuing sessions if someone logs out accidentally
  • Getting local logs of usages from all the client terminals
  • Stopping & starting cafe cop timer like in case of internet disconnection (DC).
  • Changing rate type of any terminal or terminals in real time. So now you can charge different computers on your network differently at the same point of time. And these charges can be changed remotely from the administrator panel in real time.
  • Enabling secured login so that user can surf on pre-decided time limits like 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour and so. Cafe cop timer will automatically exit when the specified duration by the user gets over.

So now you are no longer required to get up and walk to client terminals.

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Monitoring Employees & Defining Their Rights

With Cafe Cop, cyber cafe administrator doesn’t even require to be physically present in the Cyber Cafe to keep a check on the employees. Café Cop does it all for him. Since all cash transactions are recorded, there is no possibility of an employee committing a fraud. Also you can customize which sections or features of the cafe cop administrator panel should be accessible for the employees or the manager.

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Promoting Cyber Cafe

CafeCop provides a different dimension to your Cyber Cafe and promotes its image as an professional Cyber Cafe. Apart from the implementation of different schemes to attract new users. Cyber Cafe owner can run hundreds of schemes as per the requirement and also provide different schemes to different set of people. In doing so he doesn’t have to worry about the calculations and the record maintenance. The only thing he has to do is just create an account.


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Web Site Blocking

The new version of Cafe Cop now allows you to block any no. of websites on the client terminals. Also any no. of keywords can be blocked in place of complete website names.

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Help Request

Cafe Cop Timer takes the user friendly feature one step ahead by enabling your users to seek help from Cafe Cop timer itself.


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Cafeteria Orders

Ok, so you are offering Snacks, Cold drinks, coffee, tea and other beverages. Here is what Cafe Cop has to offer, no need to keep a menu for items. Just add all the items you provide in the administrator control panel along with the amount and the user can see and order them from the Cafe Cop timer itself. Amount for all the ordered items gets automatically included in the users bill. This central management helps you save time & reduces burden of taking order, keeping record of who has ordered and including it in the bill.

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Bill Generation

Cafe Cop generates complete bills including surfing charges and all other items ordered at your cyber cafe. The generated bill displays all the relevant information like

  • User name
  • Current Date & Time.
  • Total Surfing Duration & amount.
  • Items ordered along with the amount.
  • Tax to be charged if any.
  • Total amount to be charged.

Please note the bills generated can be printed as well.

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Defining Custom Schemes

Here you can customize the surfing charges. No matter how you want to charge, you can customize your own schemes here. Like, if u want flat rates to be charged per hourly even if a user sits for 10 minutes, you can do it. If you want to charge differently for 15, 30, 45 & 60 minutes that can also be done. Cafe Cop gives you the flexibility.

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Slot Charges

What if I want to charge differently in different hours of the day? here is where you can do that.
You can implement different rates schemes for different hours of the day. Like in the busy hours if u want to charge more, you can do it & in the low rush hours, to attract more users you can charge low rates. While doing so Cafe Cop just saves you from all the headache of calculating the charges and billing the user. This feature not only performs the billing part but helps you maximize your profits by bringing more and more users to your cafe.

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Safety Against Power Failure

You must be thinking, what if their is a power failure. Well here is your answer – You don’t loose a single penny. Incase of abnormal shutdown (i.e. shutting terminal without logging out of Cafe Cop Timer, which can happen due to various reasons like power failure, system hanging or not responding, system manually shutdown by the user from the CPU) Cafe Cop Timer saves all data locally and the moment the terminal is restarted and Cafe Cop’s Initial Screen shows up, you can view the details of the user who was logged in when the terminal was shut down. Also the Cafe Cop client sends all data to the server regarding that login session as soon the Client establishes a connection with the server. So now you can assured be assured even in case of power failures.

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Defining Custom Currencies

Apart from default Currencies that Cafe Cop supports, now you add your own currency symbols.

Cafe Cop Timer Utilities

Cafe Cop makes surfing even better by providing the following options :

  • Plain Text Surfing : User’s can disable and enable the graphics part of the websites to speed up internet access. Also it will get rid of the annoying ads.
  • launching all commonly used applications like Internet explorer, MS-word, notepad, ms-excel etc from Cafe Cop timer itself. This features saves a lot of user’s time which is wasted in minimizing windows and searching for specific icons to launch the applications.
  • Always on top : User’s can enable this option to keep Cafe Cop timer on top of all the applications even while working on other applications.
  • Enabling Alarm : This feature helps user’s to get notified when they reach specified time limits.
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Blocking / Limiting Applications or exe’s

With the version 2.0 you can limit the applications which can be run on the computer. No other application or an exe apart from the list of allowed applications will run afterwards. Not even new setup programs or installers will run thereafter until you allow to do so. This helps in maintaining the system performance.

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Blocking automatic website installations

(i.e porn site dialers, date managers, spywares, password managers etc.) With the version 2.0 you can block websites from installing their own programs automatically while surfing onto your machine, preventing your computer from getting loaded with unnecessary utilities which degrade the computer performance.

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Printer Monitoring

This innovative features, helps tracking local or network printers automatically. Print commands from any terminal with cafe cop client are automatically added to the users bill, providing a close watch on printouts taken from the cyber cafe. Cyber Cafe administrator can generate detailed reports regarding the same.

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Inventory Management & order management

Extend the ease of operating your cyber cafe with this new feature. It allows you to maintain an inventory of all the items like snacks, cold drinks, floppies, Cd’s etc. You can add your own items, specify their charges & the quantity for the item that you have. Users can place an order from their own computer using the cafe cop timer.

Ticketing Feature *NEW

Multiple prepaid accounts generation with a single click
The new version of Cafe Cop V 2.5 has a new ticketing feature which allows you to generate multiple prepaid accounts with a single clicks. You can generate thousands of such accounts with a single click. Tickets with different surfing durations and charges can be sold at the cash counter in addition to the normal member’s creation option.

Got a cool feature in mind. Go ahead and send it across to our tech team, We always like to here it from you. Please use our contact us form for the same.