About Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition)


Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition) is a freeware desktop utility for system administration, internet billing, Web site blocking & filtering. It can be used for a variety of purposes and places like internet cafes, gaming centres, homes, offices etc. It is a desktop (single client) prototype of Cafe Cop (shareware) which has many more features. A brief list of Cafe Cop(DE) features is given as below:

  1. Internet Timer
  2. Website Blocking
  3. Report Generation
  4. Application Launching
  5. System Utilities
  6. Speeding up internet surfing
  7. Internet Explorer security options

Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition) facilitates a better surfing experience, provides control over the content that can be viewed on any computer. It provides reports regarding internet usage and cash generated.

Setup & Installation

For installing Cafe Cop (DE) following minimum system configuration should be met:

16 MB Ram, 5 MB Hard Disk Space, 133 or higher Pentium PC, Windows/95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT

To install Cafe Cop (DE) just run the Setup.exe and click next to begin installation procedure. You will be required to specify a installation location or else it will be installed at the default location. Press finish at the end to complete installation. Double Click on the desktop icon for Cafe Cop (DE) to launch the application.

You can use the following default username and passwords:

Default administrator Id:- admin
Default Password:- admin

Default User Id:- guest
Default Password:- guest (Please note that the password in the older version was “gut”)

Download Cafe Cop (Desktop Edition)

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For Win 95/98/XP/2000/NT/Me (5 MB)